The company
Puertas Padilla, located in the southeast of Spain, is a company specialized in the manufacture of fire and safety doors. Since its beginnings in 1987 the company has evolved to become the consolidated current market leader. The success of this young and dynamic company is due to a firm commitment to specialization; efficiency in a very competitive sector and to providing the very best solutions for their customers, the results of which has led them to become, both nationally and internationally, one of the best and most qualified companies in the production of fire doors and safety doors.

Doors in automated chain production
Stemming from the company’s inception, the leadership of Puertas Padilla has been achieved thanks to their significant and continued efforts of investment. Only in the last year, Puertas Padilla invested more than 20% of its turnover to incorporate the latest technological advancements and to expand its production capacity. The company has a production volume of 500,000 fire doors per annum and has expanded the area dedicated to manufacture by 20,000 meters 2.

In addition, Puertas Padilla is associated with the best suppliers in the industry. The result of all this is an agile and quick response in customer services, combined with efficiency and the quality guarantee of our products.

A professional behind every door
The quality of Puertas Padilla would not be possible without of all the effort of a great human team, formed by the very best professionals. More than 100 people in an organization structured in departments: commercial, production, quality, export, logistics,... in order to obtain the best results. All our professionals participate in ongoing education programs to ensure that they are always at the forefront of the field of fire doors. The philosophy of our company is to offer the best products on the market and taking the maximum care and attention to the details of our products.

Innovation and quality
Puertas Padilla is committed to the future and without innovation and quality, there would be no future. This is why we are committed to quality and continuously investing in resources for the improvement and maintenance of quality levels; and for many years with ISO 9001 certification. All our products have the maximum guarantee of certification for domestic and foreign markets.

Innovation is one of the secrets behind our being leaders in the field. We make constant investments in research and development, and adapting our products to the needs of our customers. Puertas Padilla has the UNE 166002 certification in design and development of R+D+i projects in metal fire doors and in quality.

Puertas Padilla presents the most complete range of safety and fire doors on the market. All our products are manufactured from high-quality metal doors to which we incorporate a wide variety of finishes and accessories that allow us to adjust to the needs of each client. Our Classic Range and Colour Range come in a wide variety of finishes in pvc, both in tones of colour and of wood.

The acoustic range is one of the latest innovations developed by Puertas Padilla, devised with a sealing system can be adapted to the doors to provide sound insulation in environments that require it.

Our safety doors achieve an impeccable wood finish and are the most innovative of safety systems on the market.

Puertas Padilla is today’s leader of safety and fire doors sales in the domestic market. With the strength of its sales delegations, and its presence in professional distribution sector makes possible our unique and effective service.

Exporting is an essential element in a modern enterprise. Today, Puertas Padilla is present in markets such as France, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Russia, Morocco, Turkey and the Middle East.

The development of Puertas Padilla is open to the entire world. Reflection of this philosophy is reflected by its presence in important projects developed in the Americas (Panama and Argentina) among others, and in Asia.

We call at the doors of the world
The success of our strategy, based on quality and innovation, allows us to be present in such recent works as: the Trump Tower and Megalopolis of Panama, Milad Tower in Iran, Tai-Pei Tower in Taiwan, the main airports of Moscow, the Barajas T4 terminal of Madrid and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, who have all placed their trust in the safety, the efficiency and the quality of Puertas Padilla.

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