Hospital and Sanitary facilities


Product specially designed to be used in sanitary facilities.  It is an ideal product to be installed in hospitals, food handling or sanitary centers. Finished in non-toxic PVC self-extinguishing according to DIN 25/04/93 21.3.73/2.6.82 and prevent bacterial adhesion and allow easy cleaning of the door.

These doors have a finishing certificated for sanitary use. You have the possibility to combine fire, acoustic and/or smoke insulation. This product meets the highest demands of sanitary facilities.

These doors include as basic hardware: lock with front plate in stainless steel, DIN or stainless steel hinges, handles in aluminium or stainless steel.

  • MC3 frame made in high resistance galvanized steel of 1,2mm thickness. With channel for cold smoke seal, and provided with anchors and holes for fixing with screws.
  • Leaf of 63mm. (EI2-120) or 53mm. (EI2-60) thickness made in galvanized steel of 0,7mm. thickness skinpass type, filled with rock wool of density 180 Kg/m3(EI2-120) or density 150 Kg/m3 (EI2-60).
  • Standard finishing with non-toxic PVC self-extinguishing ready to prevent bacterial adhesion. Other optional finishings (see chapter “Finishings”).
  • Lock approved and marked CE with front plate in stainless steel. In 2 leaves, the passive leaf includes counterlock CR4/5 with antipanic function, inner rods, and lever for manual release.
  • Hinges approved and marked CE.
  • Anti-hook handle (DIN norm), with metalic cover made in stainless steel or aluminium, and internal core in galvanized steel. With plastic cylinder type "patent".
  • Intumecent seals, in fire doors.
  • Smoke seals, in smoke-proof doors.
  • Acoustic seals, in acoustic doors. 
  • Separators for installation.
  • Identification plate.
  • Instructions for use, installation and maintenance.
  • Leaf weight: depending on configuration.



Perfil de Marco REVERMC3 frame

Lock with front plate
in stainless steel

Hinge DIN

Hinge in stainless
 Junta intumescente
Handle in
stainless steel

Seal (depending on characteristics
of required door)

Identification plate

Identification plate

Type "B"
Perfil de Marco REVERfor corridors
Type "C"

for plasterboard
MC6 frame

Supplement for MC3
, to make an
embracing-wall frame