Big Dimensions Pivoting Doors - Magnum


Big Dimensions Pivoting Fire Doors REI-120, with  1 or 2 leaves.
The requirement for fire protection in industrial facilities has led us to make large and high quality doors. They are hinged fire doors of big dimensions. The Magnum swinging door helps to limit fire sectors in projects like malls, theaters, factories, etc.. requiring these dimensions of doors. It has multiple options for RAL finishings.

The door consists of one or more separate panels linked together male-female type. Certain programmed deformability can be present. The panels have internal insulation for high temperature MEV FIRUX type.

  • Frame made in high strength steel.
  • High temperatura resistant Leaves (Panels) made by one or more module (panels)resistentes a altas temperaturas por módulos o paneles. Certain programmed deformability can be present.
  • Intumescent seals located all around the inner perimeter of the frame.
  • Spring lock with dual cylinder. Possibility to be exchanged by a similar lock with antipanic function.
  • Handle set for non-injuries, with core in steel and nylon external cover.
  • Two hinges per panel, made to resist high radial charges.
  • Big hydraulic doorclosers, with regulation system for: opening force, closing speed and final close hit. For doors of bigger width an additional device is needed (Booster, optional) to give more power to the doorcloser.
  • Closing selector (optional).
  • Electromagnet opening retainer (opcional).
  • Finishing: galvanized steel sheet on both sides Zincrometal type, painted with anticorrosive epoxy based green formula. Minimum resistance to exposure to salt spray: 300 hours (ASTM B-117-61) Standard rust resistant finish RAL 7035. For other finishings, ask.