Explosion-proof Doors


Doors of 63mm thickness specially prepared and reinforced to resist explosives and to separate areas from high intensity hidrocarbon fire. It has internal extra reinforcements for frame and leaf. It has 4 DIN high resistance hinges per leaf, also with extra reinforcements. These doors have extra fixation elements.

  • MC3 frame made in high resistance galvanized steel of 1,2mm. with channel for smoke seal.
  • Leaf in 63mm. thickness made in galvanized steel of 1mm. skinpass type, filled with high density insulation. To maximize resistance, it includes a high thick steel sheet.
  • Lock certified and marked CE.
  • Hinges certified and marked CE.
  • Stainless steel anti-hook handle accordind DIN standard, with internal core in galvanizad steel.
  • Intumescent perimeter seal between frame and wall 30x2mm.
  • Separators, for better installation.

Perfil de Marco REVERMC3 frame



 Junta intumescente
Intumescente seal