Rever EI2-120


Accesories Section


Antipanic devices

Antipanic device wich, with the proper hardware installed,  allow to open the door located at emergency exits in any circunstance. It must be installed in the"push to open" side.

Vision panels

Accesories wich allow to see trough the door. They used to be installed in doors that must be closed but have a high intense of use for the people.


Device for blocking the lock, so the door can not be opened acting by the handle.



Controlled closing system for doors, allowing a regulated closing speed and final close.  It is installed in doors where the speed has to be regulated to assure good closing and avoiding harm the users.

Supplement base profile for doorcloser installation in REVER frame

Optional supplement used like base to hold the arm or the rail guide of doorclosers.


System wich blocks the door in the opening or closing position. The unlocking of the electro-magnet is performed by the central fire control system or by external button.